YAB Introduction.


By now most of you will have heard off the basic Interpreter yab. And the work that was mostly done by jan_64 (I'm guessing he's a year younger then me looking at his nick) ;)  and his team.

The source is freely available on SourceFourge and can be downloaded and compiled by everyone. The IDE is online and included in the source,  the documentation isn't online yet and being worked on atm. So maybe this as a small introduction to get you started.

The IDE is a great tool for those wanting to start coding in yab. It provides you with an easy to understand environment that should get every starter on the way.

You can start with an template or from an empty file, and type the code yourself into the  code window.

A simple thing to start with is opening a new window. You can do that with the code:
window open 100,100 to 200,200, "MyProg", "Example"
button 10,10 to 90,90, "MyButton", "Hello World", "MyProg"
This opens a window with the name "Example" and a button called "Hello World".

After you save the file you can run the yab application from a Terminal session in the IDE itself or from a real Terminal too. (Provided you linked to the right location of the yab bin).

Or just run it from the IDE itself (without a Terminal window).

Whether you are programming a small application or big applications (like for instance the yab IDE, JABA -cd writer applications and many more that are being posted). YAB is the language that can set you on your way.

You can see in the screenshots that the IDE is using highlighting syntaxes when typing the code (these are done automatically). This is just to show you a small peace of what yab is capable off. Don't hold back, and download the source, start coding and inform us of what you are programming about. ;)

P.S. yab can use the ZETA locale system so it's easy to create an application that can be translated into any given language.

More info can be found on the project website for yab-interpreter with info on how to download the source from cvs.

Created by Begasus for yab