ZETA's MakeMe


Zeta 1.21 comes equipped with a new development tool called MakeMe.

Startup screen

This tool makes it easy for every developer to create his own application and after that even a package to be installed in ZETA. In the screenshot you can see a sample of BeBounce that was compiled with MakeMe (yes you can compile from withing MakeMe). ;)

BeBounce compiled and running

Just drag your sources to MakeMe and give your project a name that should make it easy for you to work with (mostly the applications name).

You can open your project from withing MakeMe if it's located in the default folder in /boot/home/projects open the project by double-clicking on the mproj file.

Baldur aka Eric Jourde was so kind to provide me with the source for his project "Pager" to show you the ease that working with groups can be in MakeMe.

Groups with the cpp files

Group with the header files

One of the neat features is that MakeMe automatically adds the libraries needed for your application when you are typing your code, for instance if you put in #include <Application.h> in your sources  it will include "libbe.so" for you, saving you the time of adding them yourself.

Automatically adds the libraries and you can add custom ones

Save your project and then create a makefile with MakeMe (or jamfile). Then run the compiler and you can run the application (if there are no errors in compiling). ;) Btw .. MakeMe shows you the output of your compilation and even the errors or/and warnings it encounters, thus allowing you to jump right to the place the problem is found. (see the screenshot for BeBounce)

I've been working on some Themes for ZETA of and on now, creating new (from existing) icons, and wanted to have an Installer for the Themes (otherwise you would have to start them from the Terminal to make sure they were installed correctly). And I found MakeMe to be a real help here.

BlackPearl Theme

The package manager has some great tools for your applications too, you can set a default location for your application (default /boot/apps/your_application).

Package creation

Add locale files to it, set flags, add an svg icon that you can apply on the (compiled) bin, set a splashscreen for the Installer, add your custom folders (in case you would like to install your packages in another folder then the default folders - choose Custom), add pre- and post-scripts etc.

Use your own scripts

You can set the license to be used (a few default licenses have been included like GPL,  LGPL, BSD, MPL, OSL etc.) or choose for a custom license.

Custom license

If everything is set be sure to save your project before compiling/creating the package. And then go ahead with you package manager.

Build successfully

Package created (BlackPearl.zpkg)

Even with a developer tool like this (witch is still in progress) it's very easy to create your own custom Installer package.

In MakeMe you can also find a ToDo manager so with that you can create your own list of todo things for your application, even if it's not linked to an application it is a great tool to work with. I used it for instance to manage the language files and wrote down what was missing or needed to be fixed in the todo list for Language files.

ToDo manager

You can see in the screenshots that the Theme is working after an install with the Package created in MakeMe. I just began to explore the possibilitys of MakeMe and I'm not even a developer. So I can only Imagen what an asset it would be for a real Dev! ;)

I hope you liked this little preview of a great application that has seen the daylight. And I'm looking forward for the new things that are being developed for and with MakeMe.

P.S. There is already a new MakeMe zip ready at zeta-os.com so hop over there and make sure your uptodate with MakeMe (it's worth it!!) :)

Created for BeBUG by Begasus